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Dec 2018 - We have been working hard to fix the zoning mistake on part of our Vance Jackson road corridor.

Please see below an update on our rezoning effort through the District 1 office of many incorrect zoned homes located on Vance Jackson Rd as visible on the map below. This area (eastern portion of Vance Jackson, west of Scales) is zoned as MF-33 when they are single family homes, the correct zoning should be R4 or R5 (depending on the lot size).

Unfortunately, this is not just a simple adjustment. Per District 1, “Under State Law, all zoning changes must undergo council action.” The councilman has created a CCR (City Council Consideration Request), and will go to full council for approval. Then, all property owners will be notified and it will be reviewed by the Zoning Commission like a regular zoning case.

Feb 2019 - LARZ created for Dellview.

We will be posting any updates regarding this rezoning issue!

What is the difference between a R4 and MF33?

MF-33 Multi-Family District (Sec. 35-310.07) Any uses permitted with a maximum density of 33 units per acre;

Multi-family dwelling, single-family dwelling (detached, attached or townhouse), two-family dwelling, three-family dwelling, four-family dwelling, row-house or zerolot line dwelling, with a maximum density of 18 units per acre, assisted living home, skilled nursing facility, foster family home, public and private schools.

R-4* Residential Single-Family District (Sec. 35-310.05) Single-family dwelling (detached) with a minimum lot size of 4,000 square feet and a minimum lot width of 35 feet, foster family home, public and private schools.

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